In 2009, through a series of conferences, the term DevOps was popularized. DevOps is a creative current that encourages a more direct relationship between the departments involved in Software development, focused on communication and collaboration between them. It also aims to automatize processes in order to reduce production times and risks.

Departamentos de desarrollo, control de calidad y, operaciones trabajando en conjunto


Damon Edwards, one of Rundeck creators, took an active part on the DevOps movement since its very beginning, being a part of the first meetings in which its foundations were established and made known to the IT world.
For this reason Rundeck was designed with DevOps in mind, aimed at tasks automatization and resources optimization.
One of Rundeck’s most distinctive features is its ability to identify each of the “parts” that it manages as “nodes”. These nodes are tied to the specs of the hardware they represent. This allows the system to use its resources in the most efficient way. It can be used to define workflows, giving tasks to specifically targeted nodes according to their particular specs, while maintaining permanent in-real-time monitoring of tasks, which nodes are doing them and their result, This is an invaluable feature in case of an error or for auditing and/or reports.

Some features

Standard operation procedures:

Rundeck eases the execution of certain day to day procedures (maintenance, diagnostics, troubleshooting) by creating a set of tasks that must be achieved in order to get the desired result. These “lists” can then be shared with the relevant personnel ensuring a standard and controlled execution of tasks.

Job scheduler:

Organize and schedule recurring tasks to be executed automatically. You can also manually run scripts or commands via the built in console to explore or in case of emergency, these manually triggered tasks can also be stored and executed automatically if needed. …Agentless. …Scripts storage and execution. …Multiple platforms: Java (Tomcat/Jetty); Windows, Linux, Mac OSX. …From any OS to any OS. …Real time process monitoring. …File transfer. …Role based access control. …Complete job activity log, execution, modifications and creation.

Incident response

Due to its constant monitoring and detailed log, it helps diminishing reaction and resolution times, lowering resources and economic costs. Standardizing procedures and helping your team execute the necessary tasks.

Automated deployment

Have your new build be automatically deployed by rundeck to all your nodes, or to a specific portion of them.

Self-service test environments

Rundeck provides on demand, highly personalizable test environments.

Data processing in the cloud

Rundeck controls the use of your cloud infrastructure, creating or eliminating instances as processing jobs begin or end.

Custom platform

Build your own operations platform using all of Rundeck’s features. Integrate with other tools and build your own plugins. Create the system best suited for your business.

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