Talent Management

Bringing Employees and Companies into the Digital Future

The global workforce has reached an estimated 3.5 billion people. Reaching these career-motivated individuals and aligning their inspirations to your business operations is essential for cohesive, successful work environments.

Here at VariaCode we offer talent management services geared toward two results:

Helping individuals in their career paths for personal growth and assisting companies to attract

Retain highly talented employees who excel at their jobs

Our Latin American talent force is second to none in the world, offering a depth and breadth of highly skilled IT professionals to global companies seeking to launch significant growth opportunities. Our talent selection process ensures the most ideal candidate for your organization, based on diversity, skillset and cultural fit.

Set yourself apart from your competition with VariaCode talent management.

Learn About VariaCode

What we do

We are a Latin American staffing and talent management agency focused on creating personalized career paths for employees to help them find the best positions for their talents and needs. We take their aspirations and align them to the needs of clients for a more rewarding work experience. 

Understanding the type of talent that companies are looking for allows us to create professional and personal synergy between the company’s objectives and employee’s motivations. With our services, we are able to identify training opportunities and perform potential growth analysis to help our talent reach their potential with your company. 

We have established off-boarding criteria to ensure smooth talent transitions within the company, while constantly analyzing our available talent pool to bring in the best workers for each position.

Why choose VariaCode

How We Do It

We use trusted and effective hiring processes and strategies, along with our superior IT technologies to bring you the talent that your company needs.

We prioritize the following HR principles:

We have a team of experienced tech talent who are experts in their field and who bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise to every project.

We attract talented individuals using innovative recruitment and selection strategies.

We identify exceptional employees and identify potential leaders to ensure they have a smooth transition into key business roles and responsibilities.

Align yourself with a professional's
talent pool

What Do You Gain

You gain access to a large and experienced talent pool aligned with your organization’s goals. Employees are motivated to provide their highest productive work because the work positions fit into their personal career paths. We also have a dedicated support team to help throughout the process.

Annual Retention Rate
0 %

VariaCode boasts an annual 98% retention rate for our talent pool, and we are continually growing with new talents quarterly. Employees are able to achieve their professional goals due to our succession planning strategies.

VariaCode: Your Path to Productive Work Environments

When you are looking at hiring agencies geared toward employee and company success, VariaCode is in a league of its own. Contact us today to learn more.